Date: 20 March 2024
Time: 8:00 AM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
This webinar is over - watch on demand here

Worldwide: Do’s and Don’ts in Drafting Arbitration Clauses in Indonesia & Best Practices from Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration

Welcome to this webinar in association with Anggraeni and Partners and an expert panel from Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), who will provide a comprehensive guide to arbitration practices in Indonesia and Singapore.
Arbitration has seen a significant rise in Indonesia, making the understanding of arbitration clauses crucial for legal practitioners, businesses, and stakeholders. Our webinar aims to demystify the process of drafting these clauses, highlighting the challenges and important elements such as the arbitration seat, choice of rules, number of arbitrators, and language.
We’ll also discuss the role of arbitration institutions like the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), which provides model arbitration clauses to simplify the drafting process. Insights from SCMA’s practices will offer valuable lessons for the Indonesian context.
The webinar aims to provide an overview of requirements in drafting arbitration clauses in Indonesia, discuss best practices from SCMA, raise awareness of SCMA Rules and model clauses, offer practical tips for drafting effective clauses, and highlight our firm’s expertise in arbitration.
The webinar will feature presentations by experts in arbitration and contract law, followed by a Q&A session. Join us to enhance your arbitration skills, gain insights into best practices, and learn from the experts.


Setyawati Fitrianggraeni

Setyawati Fitrianggraeni, with over 15 years of legal experience, began as a criminal defense lawyer and later specialized in maritime law at Nordisk Legal Services.

Her counsel experience spans environmental issues, various arbitration proceedings, and contract negotiations. She has advised on high-profile cases, including potential disputes involving the Sri Lankan Navy. Fitri has been a legal advisor to the Cooperative of the Indonesian National Police (INKOPPOL) since 2017.

She has shared her legal expertise through various publications. A graduate of the University of Indonesia, she obtained her Master of Law with merit in Maritime Law from the University College London. She is currently a PhD candidate in Maritime Law and Policy at the World Maritime University.

Eva Fatimah Fauziah

Eva Fatimah Fauziah is a seasoned legal professional with a diverse portfolio of clients, including state-owned enterprises, foreign direct investment companies, and private firms. She has represented these clients in various arbitration and litigation cases across different jurisdictions. Her expertise spans multiple arbitration rules such as ICC, SIAC, BANI, and UNCITRAL Rules.
Her notable experiences include representing a state-owned enterprise against a construction consortium in an international arbitration under the ICC Rules in Singapore, and a multinational bank in a VAT dispute related to a property contract under the same rules in Jakarta. She also represented a foreign direct investment company against a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise in a BOT contract dispute in an ad hoc arbitration under UNCITRAL Rules.
Eva’s practice extends beyond representation. She leads AP Law’s Legal Lab team, focusing on legal research and publications, particularly in dispute resolution and tort law. She has published numerous articles on arbitration and business practices in Indonesia.
Eva holds a Bachelor of Law in Transnational Law from the University of Indonesia and an LL.M. in International Dispute Resolution from a joint program between the University of Geneva and The Graduate Institute.

Lee Shi Yan

Shi Yan is Registrar of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) and is appointed under the International Arbitration Act 1994 to authenticate original awards and certify copies of original awards and arbitration agreements.
Shi Yan was previously Assistant Registrar at the SCMA and led the secretariat’s efforts in revising the SCMA Arbitration (3rd ed.) rules. Prior to the SCMA, Shi Yan worked as an Aviation Disputes lawyer in an international law firm, a Managing Director in a healthcare company, and counsel to a listed medical company.

Shi Yan is qualified as an advocate and solicitor in Singapore and admitted to practice to the Australian legal profession as a lawyer.

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