Date: 6 March 2024
Time: 10:30 AM UTC
Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Format: Online
This webinar is over - watch on demand here

Worldwide: Unlocking ESG Excellence: Navigating Compliance from a Fund Perspective

In the contemporary investment landscape, sustainable growth has emerged as a crucial requisite. Investors increasingly recognize the advantages of incorporating Environmental Social and Governance (“ESG”) criteria into their decision-making processes. This focused approach manifests through-out the journey of investment, from the vision of the fund to transparency in reporting of the performance of the fund as well as its portfolio companies, by adopting relevant frameworks, metrics, tracking, rating thereby enhancing the value generation through these practices. 

Sustainable investments goes beyond the “impact investments” underpinning the all-round positive societal contribution. 

In this webinar, you will gain actionable intelligence on sustainable financing and growth practices, uncover compliance intricacies and discover the pivotal questions that define sustainable investment success. This webinar promises to equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate compliance challenges and strategically elevate your fund's sustainability profile.

Key Topics Include:

  • Fund Focus: Unpacking the nuances of ESG from a fund perspective, exploring investment strategies, and optimizing returns.
  • Strategic Insights: Identifying key questions surrounding ESG integration and aligning business practices with sustainable goals.
  • Compliance Unveiled: Demystifying ESG regulations and ensuring a clear understanding of compliance essentials.

This Webinar is Addressed To: 

  • General Partners, Limited Partners, Senior Fund professionals of PE/VC Funds responsible for business growth and strategy; 
    CSR, ESG and sustainability specialists;
  • Financial directors and executives responsible for obtaining funding for investment projects;
  • Anyone wanting to better understand the role of businesses in tackling climate change.
Amitabh Shrivastava

Amitabh Shrivastava, Partner at July Ventures LLP, brings over three decades of diverse experience as a Venture Capitalist, angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and senior executive with MNCs. Currently serving as the Managing Partner at July Ventures, he has a proven track record in venture capital, having managed the IAN Fund and contributed significantly to the Indian Angel Network. Additionally, his active involvement in nation-building initiatives and collaboration with R&D institutions underscores his commitment to commercializing deep science and technology IP for impactful ventures.

Sharda Balaji

Sharda Balaji, founder of NovoJuris Legal, leads an innovative law firm excelling in corporate, private equity, technology, and cross-border transactions. Recognized among premium Indian firms in private equity, she has facilitated numerous financing transactions and advised on acquisitions and exits. Sharda, a seasoned lawyer and company secretary, serves as an Independent Advisor, Director, and Angel Investor in various technology companies, contributing to India's entrepreneurial landscape with great knowledge about conscious investment. 

Chetan GMS

Chetan GMS, Head of Finance at Stellaris, brings over two decades of expertise in venture capital, consulting, and accounting. Specializing in fund finance, cross-border taxation, and regulatory compliance, he oversees finance processes, investor reporting, and fund administration. Chetan's extensive background includes roles at Helion, KPMG,  and Ernst & Young, contributing to his proficiency in financial management. As a qualified Chartered Accountant with a Masters degree in Finance, he plays a key role in driving financial excellence at Stellaris.

Ambalika Gupta

Ambalika Gupta, Vice President of Sustainability at Snowkap, boasts over a decade of experience driving responsible business practices in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Passionate about ethical sourcing, human rights, and climate change, she spearheads the development and implementation of Snowkap's sustainability strategy. 

Vanshika Kundra

Moderating this session is Vanshika Kundra, associate at NovoJuris Legal.

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