The Beginning of the American Hospital Association's Anti-Human Trafficking Journey

Mindy Hatton of the American Hospital Association reflects on the origins and goals of AHA's Hospitals Against Violence Initiative and its collaboration with Jones Day to fight human trafficking from a health care perspective.

The Trifecta: The American Hospital Association's Collaboration with Jones Day and HEAL Trafficking

Mindy Hatton discusses the "trifecta" collaboration between the American Hospital Association, Jones Day, and HEAL Trafficking, as well as the expertise each organization brings to the fight against trafficking.

The Role of Clinicians in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Mindy Hatton talks about the importance of educating and training clinicians to recognize the signs of human trafficking and respond effectively, as well as the leadership role nurses often play in this fight.

What's Next for "the Trifecta's" Fight Against Trafficking

Ahead of the 2026 World Cup, Mindy Hatton reflects on Jones Day's past work to raise awareness about the elevated risk of human trafficking around major sporting events, and future plans to continue this work.

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