The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has recently published a guidance document on its new website aimed at helping freight forwarders and exporters uphold compliance with U.S. export controls and regulatory requirements. The document emphasizes the significant role that freight forwarders play in securing the global supply chain and preventing the proliferation of illegal exports. It highlights the responsibility of freight forwarders and exporters to work together to ensure compliance with U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.

The guidance outlines the roles and responsibilities of freight forwarders, including the need for clear communication with exporters to ensure that all necessary information is provided for compliant export transactions. In addition to a list of best practices for freight forwarders to follow such as offering resources to an exporter when potential compliance issues are apparent or by conducting comprehensive screening of known parties to a transaction even when the Freight forwarder is not filing the EEI , the document also covers the expectations that freight forwarders may have of exporters, emphasizing the importance of providing accurate and complete transaction information.

Furthermore, the guidance discusses the responsibilities of freight forwarders in non-routed and routed export transactions, as well as the importance of selecting a reputable freight forwarder. The document also provides an overview of antiboycott regulations that apply to U.S. persons, including freight forwarders, and highlights red flags for both freight forwarders and exporters to watch out for.

Overall, the guidance aims to support freight forwarders and exporters in their efforts to comply with U.S. export regulations and enhance the security of the global supply chain. For more information and resources on export compliance, freight forwarders and exporters are encouraged to visit the BIS website. (The full guidance can be found here.)

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