In a crucial parliamentary session on November 30, Cyprus greenlit a game-changing legal update, the "Law on Citizenship for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals." This is a big deal for professionals from other countries, as they can now get Cypriot citizenship faster—around 4-5 years, depending on how well they know Greek. That's a significant drop from the previous 7-year wait.


  1. Residency Rule: You need to have been legally and continuously living in Cyprus for the 12 months just before applying for citizenship. There might be exceptions, but this is the general rule.
  2. Speak the Language: Knowing Greek is a must. If you're at A2 level, you can apply after five years, and if you're at B1, it's four years. This rule also extends to family members. A2 means you can handle basic situations, while B1 shows you're good to go in regular conversations.
  3. Clean Background: You've got to prove you have a clean record—no international trouble, no prison sentences for crimes here or abroad, and no going in or out of the island through places that Cyprus doesn't officially recognize. Plus, you can't be a threat to public order and safety in Cyprus.
  4. Financial Matters: Have a stable income of at least 2,500 euros and suitable housing. This income can be from a regular job or other legal and steady sources.
  5. High-Quality Qualifications: High academic and professional qualifications serve as a cornerstone requirement.

Originally published Dec 1, 2023

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