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Küçükislamoğlu|Narin & Partners is one of the leading law firms which has more than 80 colleagues who are one by one experts on different practice areas of law. KN & Partners, is one of the outstanding law firms which has partner offices in 28 countries and has proven itself significantly in many National and International Ranking Lists of Rating Agencies. As of 2019, KN & Partners, which has taken over the flag from Nesil Law Group with 10 years of experience, continues on its way much stronger. KN & Partners services through its dynamic and experienced team who has been working on the law practice areas containing finance, accounting and audit, and has reached a numerous local and international companies- clients in a short time. In total, KN & Partners provide services to its clients with more than 30 employees gathered under one roof. In 2018, KN & Partners was deemed worthy of “Most Innovative and Global Law Firm Award” by Global Legal Matters. The Founder and Global Managing Partner Mehmet Burak
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